Earning PED In Game

Updated 7/7/2021

This is a comprehensive list of all Oil Rigs in Entropia Universe.

These are absolutely free sources of PED income in game. They require no investment except time. The exception is partly Toulan Nawa Drops. One thing to note about oil rigs, is they often change over time their drop rates and sometimes the amount dropped. I will do my best to update this information as changes happen.

The table describes both PED/Hour which should be an average and PED/Hour Optimum which show absolute optimium conditions. Optimum conditions are if you are the only player at the rig and the rig is consistently producing and if you have maximum run speed from things like Hermetic Rings and the Maze Hammer. Some rigs like Arkadia are occasionally shut off.

An oil rig is the generic in game term for any place that drops free items on the ground for you to pick up. There are three rigs that drop items that are not oil. The Toulan - Nawa Temple, Cyrene - The Hub and Rocktropia - Motorhead Stadium.

Name Ped/HR Ped/HR Optimum
Calypso Ashi Oil Rig .5 7
Rocktropia Oil Rigs 0.48 0.5
Toulan Nawa Temple 0.28 1.5
Arkadia Oil Rig 1.25 3
Cyrene - Hub - Proving Grounds N/A N/A
Sweating .4 .4
Swunting N/A N/A

Calypso - Ashi Oil Rig

The Calypso Ashi Oil Rig is the most competitive oil rig in all Entropia and for good reason. New players will likely find themselves targets at the rig. Due to the amount of oil dropped at once, there are groups and players that attempt retain control over the rig. This means often as a new player you will be shot on sight. However this is not a full loot zone, you cannot be looted. In general it is not profitable to shoot people here, but they will shoot you to try and scare you away and attempt to maintain control of the field. The only way to be successful at this rig, is to be consistent. If you are shot, return immediately. If they shoot again return immediately. They will eventually stop shooting you and wasting PED.

I frequent this rig from time to time. I have only once, for a period of 45 minutes had the rig completely to my self. In general this rig drops from 255 (2.55 PED) to 450 (4.50 PED) per drop at an average of 2 drops an hour.

Rocktropia - Oil Rigs

Rocktropia is one of my favorite places to pick up oil, it can be the most efficient. It is far less competitive because of the smaller drops. No one is likely to kill you here. You will find oil on Rocktropia unlike Calypso where you might not find any due to the number of players. There are three total of three oil rigs on Rocktropia, Noobs Noobs Noobs - Gas Station, Motorhead Stadium, Hunt The Thing - Oil Rig. Oil Spawns behind the gas station at Noobs Noobs Noobs in 1-2 oil can drops as well as Hunt The Thing. Motorhead Stadium spawns Motorhead Kegs. These do have markup on them, although can be difficult to sell. Motorhead Kegs also weigh 1kg, so you can't carry as much without slowing down.

Arkadia - Oil Rig

Arkadia is a great oil rig, when it is producing. It produces 45 (.45 PED) to 55 (.55 PED) stacks of oil on the ground. The search area is quite a bit wider than Ashi. The main issue is occasionally this rig shuts down, with zero indication that it has done so. One advantage to this rig is when oil spawns it makes an audible sound and smoke dusts up if nearby, making it easier know when it spawned and where it spawned. Having graphics on high here is helpful and having your sound on.

Cyrene - The Hub - Proving Grounds

The Hub was meant to be a large competitive PVP area. It is largely dead from my little experience there. The Proving grounds is an area where you can pickup tokens to purchase items from the Hub store. All I know is you need a lot of these tokens to make an income. It is an interesting area, but I do not know what the potential for income is in this area.

Toulan - Nawa Temple

I have the least amount of information about this place. The main issue here is a mob spawns frequently that must be killed. Also in general you should craft Nawa Cores and sell them on the auction to really profit from this rig. I will try and get back to this rig to study it more. My profit calculations were based on crafting Nawa Cores and their auction house markups at the time. This rig requires the most work to be profitable as well as hunting. It's possible this rig is one the least profitable when calculating in hunting losses.