The Dungeon
Getting started is a platform where you can earn free PED (Project Entropia Dollars) for the real cash economy game Entropia Universe, Tibia Coins, Ravendawn coins, Wizard101 crowns or gift cards for your favorite PC games including Runescape. We are hard at work expanding the metaverse.


The Dungeon
Enter the Dungeon!

The Dungeon is a play to EARN idle game. Fight monsters, gather resources and craft extremely rare and exciting items! Use those items to slay monsters for PED or sell your items to other players on the market! A completely player driven economy.

Enter the Dungeon!

Earn PED
Earn PED

We pride ourselves in having the best PED payouts. You can use this currency to purchase gift cards, Tibia Coins or Wizard101 crowns!

  • Loot.TV - Every 10 points earns 3 crates. Average Value: .045 PED
  • Hideout TV - Every 10 points earns 3 crates. Average Value: .045 PED
  • MMWatch - Every 100 points earns 32 crates. Average Value: .48 PED
  • OffersWall - Check out Hall of Claims to see how other users are earning through our Offerwall.
  • Crate Hunt - Every Hour earns 1 crate, unless you have completed an offer or Hideout/Loot TV video withdrawal, then 3 crates are earned.
Road Map
August 17, 2023

This update took alot longer than expected due to some real life things and alot of what had been planned for this update is still not here.

There were some massive improvements to quality drop rates in the last patch for Dungeon Chests, but was not announced previously. On top of that in this update you will also get either a health potion or stamina potions and 1 Dungeon Coin. While Dungeon coins are not fully implemented yet, they are a premium currency that will be used to gain access to certain higher level content. This is to further reward users who complete offers and mine on our landarea. However I don't want to release the full system until it is fully ready, but for now you will be able to accumulate and trade these coins on the market. These coins are planned to also be a part of a monthly reward system, rewarding the top earners on the site every month.

Lag in the dungeon should now be virtually non-existent. This was all due to a completely unneccasary load on the dungeon, this load was all related to items being added and removed from the database. We have been in the process of fine tuning items in the Dungeon for a while now and trying to plan ahead for at least tier 10 items. The Tier 5 Dwarven Mace is now released into the game as well Tier 5 Dwarven Ring.

Crate Hunt now will refill your health and stamina consistently and no longer have desynchonrization problems. You can no longer accidentally click the level up button twice, it waits for the next action to spend xp orbs. There was also a bug where potentially xp could go negative once that is now fixed. This wasn't fully exploitable since you would always have to go positive again to spend more. Please report exploits responsibly, serious exploits that are reported responsibly will be rewarded.

The Wiki now includes a crafting calcuator which should help crafters figure out what items they need to craft larger batches of gear as well as how much time it should take. There is still alot of improvement to be done to make things more user friendly, but this is a step in the right direction. Down the road the market will likely be taken out of the Dungeon interface and moved to it's own interface as well.

There have been a lot of changes in the ad space recently. Due to our advertisers we must oblige of GDPR requests, while we have always honored these requests in the past we are now fully in compliance with these regulations. You may see messages showing we comply with these regulations and you may also see messages asking you to stop using adblock. Remember ads are what fuel our site, we ask that you support us by not using adblock.

MM Wall has started running there own video ad service. This should be comparable to Loot TV and Hideout TV. It will automatically reward you every 100 points you get with 32 PED Crates. We continue to try and find more opportunities for you to earn PED. If you have suggestions for more options you would like to see, please let us know in Discord.

Last but not least, I want to thank all of you who have made all this possible. We are about to hit 100,000 PED earned on the site and that is far more than I could have ever imagined. Every penny we have earned has either gone into investing into the site or investing more into Entropia Universe. If you are interested in us starting a fund, I would be interested in your thoughts on our discord channel.


All support is done through our Discord server, come join us for the latest news and quick access to support and withdraw requests!

Town Crier
June 9, 2023

It's been a tremendous journey so far. I hope everyone is having a good year. The Dungeon has received yet another revamp, this time allowing all users to continue playing while offline. No longer do you need to remain on the site to keep your character running through the dungeon. This also comes with the added benefit of massively reducing the lag we have experienced this year. The Dungeon has received a face lift with a new art direction as well as some new mobs to target in the endless quest for PED and eternal treasures. I expect there will be some hotfixes to come in the following days, make sure to join us on Discord for more information.

We are hoping to start gaining more traffic from other game communities and getting more people enjoying the Dungeon and earning rewards. Our goal above all is to make a fun and rewarding platform.