Entropia Universe Channels

Updated 1/28/2022

Sometimes getting started as a new player is tough, chat channels are your friend and these are the most important chat channels you need in order of importance.

Use this command in your chat box to join a channel.

/join #channelname

You can right click tabs to organize channels into specific tabs. For instance, you can add all of the trade channels to one tab and color code each one!

Most Useful Channels

Channel Description
#calytrade This is the most important trade channel and probably the most active channel in the game.
#fap Want to work as a healer or hire a healer. FAP which stands for Fast Aid Pack, is where healers offer there services.
#moblocations A lesser used channel that could use some more activity for finding where mobs are located.
#waveevents This is where players get together to fight wave events, daily missions or other events. This channel is very active during Summer Migration event where people gather to hunt Old Fred.
#space_travel / #space_flight Warp Services, flights to other planets as well as warnings about pirate activity will be in these channels.
#fruit-walkers Fruit Finders Channel

Planet Specific Channels

Channel Description
#arkadia Planet Arkadia
#arktrade Arkadia Trade Channel
#arkadiamining Arkadia Mining Channel
#ark-healers Arkadia Healers
#arkmoon Arkadia Moon
#arkmoon_trade Arkadia Moon Trade Channel
#calpyso Planet Calypso
#calytrade Calypso Trade Channel
#cyrene Planet Cyrene
#cyrenetrade Cyrene Trade Channel
#rocktropia Rocktropia
#rocktrading Rocktropia Trade Channel
#toulan Planet Toulan
#monria Monria
#monriatrade Monria Trade Channel
#nextisland Next Island
#nitrade Next Island Trade Channel
#virtualsense Virtual Sense is the company that owns Monria and Toulan