Offerwall FAQ

Frequently asked questions about various offerwalls. We encourage ours users to join the Discord server and ask questions about offerwalls in the #offerwall-tips channel.

How does MMWatch work and how do I link my account?

MMWatch is a service provided by MMWall which is owned by Mobile Media Labs. Watching videos through the MMWatch link will allow you to accumulate points, every 100 points automatically credits your account with 32 PED Crates. There could be several reasons you do not accumulate points including, no ads available, adblocker, VPN, certain browser extension, not available in your country, etc. If you are accumulating points and you are not receiving PED Crates, try attempting an offer on the MMWall itself, this should link/create your account properly.

I have not yet received my Crates for finishing an offer.

All of our offerwalls are third party services, we do not control the crediting of offers. If you have not received your Crates, please contact the offerwall provider directly. We recommend waiting 24 hours before contacting the offerwall provider. If you have not received your Crates after 24 hours, please contact the offerwall provider directly. Most offerwalls have a support link on the offerwall itself, if you cannot find the support link, please contact us and we will provide you with the support link.

Common reasons why crediting may be delayed or not occur at all include, using a VPN, using an adblocker, using a browser extension that blocks tracking, not completing the offer requirements, not completing the offer in the time allotted, etc. When completing an offer on IOS/Iphone make sure you allow tracking when downloading apps.

Completing offers that requires cash deposits such as bank/investing accounts or other purchases may take several days or more to credit to prevent chargebacks.

Please ensure you are following all Terms of Service and Privacy Policies of the offerwall provider and the offer provider.

Entropia FAQ

Frequently asked questions about various and Entropia Universe.

How do I get my Entropia Universe account verified with my account?

Withdrawing in Entropia Universe for the first time in game verifies your account. This verification is done automatically the first time you withdraw. You only need to make sure your Entropia Universe name matches your account information. If you have changed your Entropia Universe name or need to set it up, please contact us on our Discord server in the #support channel. Offical Discord Server

I need to change my Entropia Universe account name.

If set your name incorrectly or have changed your Entropia Universe, please contact us on our Discord server in the #support channel. Offical Discord Server

What is relationship with Entropia Universe?

We provide PED withrawal services to Entropia Universe compliant with all of MindArk PE AB Terms of Service and End User License Agreement and related policies. We are not affiliated with MindArk PE AB in any way.

Our land area on Planet Calypso is controlled by our character and all rewards are determined soley by the Entropia Universe global system.

Dungeon FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Dungeon.

What is Dungeon Premium and how do I get and maintain Dungeon Premium?

Dungeon Premium is a flag attached to your account. This flag shows as green on your profile and signifies you can get Dungeon Claims in the form of PED rewards in the Dungeon for playing. To obtain Dungeon Premium you must have completed offerwalls of a minimum of at least 50 PED Crates rewarded within the last 30 days. Watching videos on MMWatch, HideoutTv, LootTv are included in this calculation. Crate Hunt and LandArea rewards are not included in this calculation.

All other users are flagged as Dungeon Standard in yellow on their profile. They can still sell items on the market and play the Dungeon normally, but these users will not be able to get Dungeon Claims in the form of PED rewards. We do this to maintain fairness with those users who contribute to the site.

Gift Card FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Gift Cards and related services.

Does using this site violate the Terms of Use agreements for any games?

We use official channels to provide gift codes and withdrawals services for all game we currently support. Using our site does not break any Terms of Use agreements for any games we support. We are proud that we offer legitimate services to our users that users can trust. You can see our user success stories on our Discord on the #withdraw-proofs channel. We are not affiliated with any video game publishers.