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Craftable Shields

Left Hand Rings

Craftable Left Hand Rings

Right Hand Rings

Craftable Right Hand Rings


Keys are need to fight mobs Tier 6 or higher.


Craftable Potions


Trinkets found in Dungeon Crates

Welcome to The Dungeon

In The Dungeon you will be able to use your PED to build up your character and earn more!

The Dungeon is a Free to Play Fantasy PBBG or Persistent Browser Based Game otherwise known as an "Idle Game". For those unfamiliar with similar games, it means you do not have to be present at your computer to be able to play the game. You can set it and forget it, and come back to new loot from monsters, weapons you crafted, or resources you acquired, and put your wares on the market to sell to other players.

The Basics

You start out with 100 hp and 100 stamina.Hp is used when fighting creatures, and stamina is used for everything else.When you are out of hp or stamina you will not be able to continue with any more actions until it has been replenished.There are multiple ways to refill Hp and Stamina.Successfully complete a crate hunt which is available once every hour. You can also complete an offerwall task, including redeeming points from Hideout.tv and Loot.tv.Doing any of those will completely refill both stats.Otherwise you can use potions a crafted item, that you can make ourself or buy on the market.

Ready,set, Action....Points!!!

Everything you do in the dungeon requires Action Points.Action points determine how long you can let the game repeat the current task without any new player inputs.You start with 100 AP, when completing tasks there is a 3 second delay between each new action, whether player made or automatic.Any time the player clicks the green Tast/ Action Button, the action points refill. The game will then repeat that action every 3 seconds until you click Stop, are out of AP, out of HP or STA, or out of items/ materials.You can increase your AP by purchasing more in the "Boosts" section which will allow you to AFK / IDLE for longer durations.


Health/Max Health: Health is what keeps you alive fightining mobs. Base Health is 100.

Stamina/Max Stamina: Stamina is like health, but is used for crafting, mining and woodcutting.

Min/Max Damage: Minimum and Maximum amount of damage done to a mob. Base damage is 1 min and 1 max.

Min/Max Woodcutting Damage: Minimum and Maximum amount of damage done while woodcutting. Base damage is 1 min and 1 max.

Min/Max Mining Damage: Minimum and Maximum amount of damage done while mining. Base damage is 1 min and 1 max.

Armor: Armor is a chance to block incoming damage. You have a 30% chance to roll a block. Then an armor roll between 1 and your armor value is rolled to block that amount of damage. Base Armor is 0.

Dodge: Dodge is the chance to dodge an attack, this happens before armor rolls.

Accuracy: Accuracy is your chance to hit an npc including woodcutting and mining. Base accuracy is 75%.

Drop Chance: Drop Chance has not been implemented yet.

Crit Chance: Critical Chance is your chance to deal critical damage to an npc including woodcutting and mining. Base chance is 5%.

Crit Damage: Critical Damage is your damage when a critical hit is deault. Base critical damage is 200%.

Life Drain: is a percentage chance to drain life from the enemy you damage.

Crafting Chance: Crafting Chance is not implemented yet.


Every successful action has a chance of rewarding you with Experience Orbs.They are used to increase your Attributes and skills from 1 to 100.There are 4 attributes, 4 Crafting skills, and 3 Resource gathering skills.

In order to become a successful idler it is wise to become adept in a profession. Currently available skills include

Crafting Skills

Each of these skills provide an important part in making your items last longer. No one likes it when you finish early.

Blacksmithing - This skill is required for making higher tier weapons.

Jewlcrafting - This skill is required for making higher tier rings.

Armorsmithing - This skill is required for making higher tier armor.

Toolcrafting - This skill is required for making higher tier tools.

Attribute Skills

Skills that improve your characters base attributes.

Toughness - Each point increases your max hp by 5 points, Good for players who like Combat.

Dexterity - Each point increases your max Sta by 5 points, vital for crafting and resource gathering.

Agility - Increases your chance to dodge attacks by 0.1 % per level up to 10 % dodge chance.

Critical Strike - Increases your chance to land a critical strike doubling the damage dealt. Useful for both combat and resource gathering.

Item Quality

All crafted items have a durability rating. The higher the rarity the less likely it is to break when using it.

  • Common: 1:25 durability
  • Normal: 1:100 durability
  • Great: 1:1,000 durability
  • Imperial: 1:10,000 durability
  • Marquise: 1:50,000 durability
  • Royal: 1:1,000,000 durability
  • Legendary: 1:5,000,000 durability
  • Eternal: Indestructible
Chance to Break
  • Weapons - Has a chance to break on every successful hit on the enemy.
  • Armor - Has a chance to break on every succesful block.
  • Rings - Has a chance to break whenever you loot a creature or tree/rock when gathering resources.
  • Tools - Has a chance to break on every succesful blow against the resource

Resource gathering,

There are 3 skills related to the acquisition of resources, Mining, Woodcutting, and Salvaging. Woodcutting and Mining are pretty straight forward.You take your Axes and cut or mine. Both skills have special rarer resources, Mithril for Mining, and 4 Elemental Essences for woodcutting.You have to pick which metal or essence you want to gather in the drop down menu.Once the resource mob has been destroyed you will get exp and the rare resource.The essence wells and mithril stone are more stamina intensive and should not be attempted until you have acquired gear with good durability, or you have large stacks of tools.

Finally we have Salvaging, it's less of a resource gathering skill, and more of a resource recovery skill. Any crafted item can be salvaged. The items are destroyed to reclaim some of the resources used to craft the item. There is also a chance at getting Divine Essence which can only be found through salvaging and is needed for crafting better equipment.The amount of Divine Essence you get is determined by the quality and tier level of the item being salvaged. Higher level skills increase the amount of materials you get returned and reduce the chance of failures.

Last but not least, and the reason why everyone is here, LOOT!!!

Every time you kill a mob there is a chance to loot ped in addition to their normal loot as well as extra materials.Whenever you do loot ped, there is a chance to get a multiplier, the stronger the mob the better your chances of getting a multiplier.The amount you can loot is determined by the size of the lootpool.Every time someone completes an offerwall task or redeem points from loot.tv and Hideout.Tv the loot pool gets bigger.In addition to increasing the size of the lootpool, the more offerwalls that are completed the size of amount you can loot is increased as well.

There you have it, your guide to the basics of "The Dungeon". As more content is released the guide will be updated, and if you see anything I missed. Please let me know.

Dungeon Crates

Dungeon Crates contain trinkets that give boosts such as more experience orbs, more loot and

Dungeon Premium and Dungeon Standard

If you have not completed 50 crates worth of offers in the last 30 days, your account is considered Dungeon Standard and is NOT elligble for PED Drops. If you have completed 50 crates worth of offers, then you will be considered Dungeon Premium and are elligible for PED drops in the Dungeon.


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