Dungeon Guide

The Basics

Welcome to The Dungeon

In The Dungeon you will be able to use your PED to build up your character and earn more!

The Dungeon is a Free to Play Fantasy PBBG or Persistent Browser Based Game otherwise known as an "Idle Game". For those unfamiliar with similar games, it means you do not have to be present at your computer to be able to play the game. You can set it and forget it, and come back to new loot from monsters, weapons you crafted, or resources you acquired, and put your wares on the market to sell to other players.

You start out with 100 hp and 100 stamina.Hp is used when fighting creatures, and stamina is used for everything else.When you are out of hp or stamina you will not be able to continue with any more actions until it has been replenished.There are multiple ways to refill Hp and Stamina.Successfully complete a crate hunt which is available once every hour. You can also complete an offer-wall task, including redeeming points from Hideout.tv and Loot.tv.Doing any of those will completely refill both stats. Otherwise, you can use potions a crafted item, that you can make yourselves or buy on the market.

Ready,set, Action....Points!!!

Everything you do in the dungeon requires Action Points.Action points determine how long you can let the game repeat the current task without any new player inputs.You start with 100 AP, when completing tasks there is a 3-second delay between each new action, whether player made or automatic.Any time the player clicks the green Task / Action Button, the action points refill. The game will then repeat that action every 3 seconds until you click Stop, are out of AP, out of HP or STA, or out of items/ materials.You can increase your AP by purchasing more in the "Boosts" section which will allow you to AFK / IDLE for longer durations.

Dungeon Premium and Dungeon Standard

If you have not completed 50 crates worth of offers in the last 30 days, your account is considered Dungeon Standard and is NOT eligible for PED Drops. If you have completed 50 crates worth of offers, then you will be considered Dungeon Premium and are eligible for PED drops in the Dungeon.