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Welcome to the Affiliate Program. You earn when users you refer earn. Spend your earnings on gift cards, Entropia Universe PED, Tibia Coins or Ravendawn coins!

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Referral Tiers are based on your referral earnings. Upgrade your tier by earning more from referrals.

Our users have earned 6,512.79 PED referring users, that's a value of $651.28 and we are growing fast! If you are already streaming Ravendawn, Tibia or Entropia Universe you can start earning today by spreading the word to your communities. If you are interested in special marketing deals, please contact an admin on Discord.

Logos below can be used for promotional purposes. A zip file containing all logos is available to download. If you are a Twitch or Kick streamer we recommend putting one our logos below your channel and linking it to your referral link, with a short blurb explaining to your users.

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